Child Support Credit Card Payments Processing Systems and Services

Government Payment Service (GovPayNet) is the nation’s leader in credit card payments processing systems and services for child support and related fees. Payments can be completed at anytime, from anywhere... so it’s easy for parents to make the timely support payments upon which their children depend.

Credit or debit card payments can easily be made electronically via phone, online or on site; transaction fees are paid by the cardholder. GovPayNet is authorized by VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Our child support payments system enables county agencies to:

  • Improve the rate and timeliness of collections
  • Automate the payment and collections process to reduce administrative burdens
  • Mitigate risk by holding GovPayNet accountable for credit card payments
  • Receive payments directly and immediately in your account
  • Eliminate cash from your site and your collections process
  • Track payments throughout the process with our real-time reporting feature
  • Collect proper documentation when processing payments
  • Save taxpayer dollars by reducing credit card processing fees from public budgets
  • Save time and resources by relying on the accuracy of GovPayNet’s systems
  • Offer taxpayers a convenient, cost-effective credit card payment option

Partner with GovPayNet and realize a variety of benefits:

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